Amigurumi Madness!: Part One

Woo boy!!!  I’ve been checking out some good sites for making amigurumi dolls or at least explaining how to crochet in the first place!  But since I’ve yet to try or don’t have the materials with me to follow along, I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed…luckily, however, with time and practice, I know I’ll be a master at making amigurumis in no time!!!  Best of all, I have awesome design ideas I want to do, specifically characters of mine and some fun ones based off of others from some of my favorite stories!  In the mean time until this Monday, I’ll just have to check out what I can on the internet.

Hopefully by the time I go to my mom’s place, be it Sunday or Monday, the two books I ordered will have arrived and I can really get into amigurumi!  First, I got Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Amigurumi, a book I saw at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston, which is how this excitement got started; the second is Crocheting for Dummies which I got for a pretty good price used.  The only items missing are (a) crocheting needles/hooks, and (b) yarn.  Maybe next week Wal*Mart might be a nice place to stop by and pick those up. [laughs]


To Crochet:

For other great sites, check out my links!

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